About Us

Alexander’s is a family-owned and operated business that has served south-central Indiana since 1951.

Bob Alexander began his business dealing primarily in used trucks and cattle. His honesty was the building block for our business today. Hiding nothing from the customer and standing behind the items he sold made Bob’s word as good as gold and helped to form lifelong customers. Jim Alexander, the second of Bob and Evelyn’s two sons, grew up in the business. He carried on his father’s beliefs in honesty and hard work and as the business enters the 80’s it was Jim that became the face of Alexander’s.

Now the business covered more service needs of Bloomington. Truck accessories, RV parts and service, and equipment trailer sales help Alexander’s become even more of a Bloomington fixture. Jim Alexander ran the business until he passed away in September of 2010. Not wanting their father’s business to close, Scott and JC Alexander took over ownership of Alexander’s and operate it the same way it has been since the beginning, based on honesty and hard work.

A few things have changed over the years. We no longer sell RV’s, but we still do parts and repairs on them and our location has changed to 1126 Air Drive. But we still offer quality parts and service and a price you can afford.